For vintage lovers and practical doers alike, the Sorbonee flex antique lock leather fanny pack will age like a fine wine while functioning as a modern styled, tool belt bag. Breeze through your day carefee and prepared with valuables at the ready. Tour anywhere and switch from casual to formal with our signature hideaway rings for smooth transition from a belt bag, to crossbody chest bag, shoulder pouch, a large zipper clutch, and even as a temporary receptacle to hold your toiletries until you reach your travel destination. Then, unload contents into your hotel bathroom and fill it with sightseeing essentials. Save time and energy by packing light with the best multi-function leather bag.

Sorbonne Flex Antique Lock Leather Fanny Pack

SKU: 769276347
Leather Color
Hardware Color
  • Leather Type: Full grain, 2-4.5 ounce, raw, soft-tempered, genuine Napa leather. Tan: Full grain, 4 ounce, raw, genuine Horween leather.
    Dimensions: 8.5" L x 5.75" H x 2" W  (21.5 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm)

    Size instructions:
    - Brown belt bag use only: Select your pant size.
    - Long crossbody use only: 3X: 48-52 Inches.
    - Fanny pack + high crossbody bag use: Select one size up from your standard pant size.

    To measure scale, model shown is size US 4-6 / UK 8-10.