Our Build Your Own Bag Personalizations option offers a wide variety of selections without the longer process and higher price of a full service custom order. Customize any one of our leather bags with any of our drop down menu add on extras to create your very own unique handmade bag design.



1) Add the Pelt & Post leather bag you would like to customize to your cart.
2) Visit this listing to add your desired customizations (i.e. Making a bag with liner using the "Add Liner" drop down menu option or making a purse with zipper with the "Add Zipper" option) to your cart
3) Enter in the notes box at checkout the applicable info, such as:
- Your 4+ character engraving "ABCDE."
- Your desired belt color (minus bag) and length "Tan leather, 48 Inches,"
- And/Or any questions. We will reply within 1-2 business days.
4) Checkout as normal.

You may also upgrade the bag clasp closure, resize, request a local pickup, etc., for any of our bags for men / bags for women - in our shop.

For any other customizations outside of what we offer in our dropdown menu here, pricing may be adjusted based on additional labor time required and materials used to fulfill your desired custom request. For a lead time or pricing estimate before purchasing, we kindly recommend sending us a message directly first.

Not sure what item to select from our drop-down menu? Contact us and we'll be happy to reply within 1-2 business days.


We welcome and value your unique taste, artful ideas, and precious time and look forward to any handmade leather inquiries you may have.


*PLEASE NOTE: Enlisting this Build Your Own Bag Personalizations option deems the item purchased with this listing, and the purchase of this service listing, as non-returnable / non-refundable items. By purchasing this Accoutrements Personalize Custom Option, the buyer agrees that the item(s) they are customizing also become non-refundable.*

Build Your Own Bag Personalizations


    Tan: Full grain, 4 ounce, raw, genuine Horween leather.

    Stoned-Oil Brown: Full grain, 5 ounce, strong, stiff, distressed, old-world, stoned-oil tooling leather.

    Umber: Top grain, 4 ounce, raw, soft-tempered, 100% earthwise, eco-reclaimed, genuine Napa leather.

    All Other Leather Types: Full grain, 2-5 oz, raw, soft-tempered, genuine, Napa leather.


    Silver hue: Nickel.

    Gold hue: Shiny Brass.

    Bronze hue: Antiqued Brass.


    If you would like an alternate option from above, we also research special outsourced leather and hardware, as well, if our local suppliers are lacking in what is desired.