Travel Treasure

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

Today at the Pelt And Post leather fanny pack workshop, the morning is spent dreaming, experimenting, and marveling at the heirloom nature of this time-worn travel treasure.

I wonder how it will merge into its new home at Pelt And Post | Signature Leather Bags And Personalized Gifts?

This collectible mannequin was found this past weekend in a small shop, in a small town, 1.5 hours away from the big metropolis of Los Angeles, CA.

Nearly a century ago, the shop where this vintage mannequin lived, was once a three story show house during the beginnings of this town's development. Renovated beautifully, its interior was designed with extraordinary charm by a woman named Jeannine, with whom we had the great pleasure of working with.

In contrast to this mannequin's time-worn aesthetic, it was found on the ground floor, in the very back of the closet next to a beautiful modern painting - just waiting to be noticed and used again. How long it had been there? Who knows? Like an explorer finding buried treasure, it quickly became a valuable prize.

Without a price tag and without use, I asked, "How much for this mannequin?" She indicated, "Did you see the other one over here?" "Yes. I already own a female," I replied. Understanding this, she agreed, "Yes, you can make whatever you would like with this one."

Then, with the curiosity of a fellow artisan, she inquired, "What will you use it for?" I humbly replied, "I make custom leather bags." With that, she quietly went upstairs to calculate a price. Within moments she came back with a worthy sum.

The sum was worth careful deliberation. With my wise partner, husband and best friend, Gabriel, we labored over the pros and cons of an investment like this over lunch and a stroll.

Upon many assessments and research, we decided it was its irreplaceable otherworldly beauty that would match our handmade items perfectly.

This fine treasure is now in the process of being elegantly weaved into new life. Its new life of possibility at Pelt And Post - where french-inspired, vintage luxury and modern efficiency meet - through each and every one of our one-of-a-kind, handmade leather bags and personalized gifts.

May you all inspire your days with the newness of exploration and travel.


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