Saved By the Leather Fanny Pack

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Growing up in a large metropolis, Los Angeles, California, you get exposed to a lot - and fast. From extreme stereotypes to simple folks - and everything in between - can make an active person refreshed with newness, every day. It's vast a cornucopia of sensory information.

Born in the early 80s, what resulted was a tomboy that wore dress shoes. Imagine the confusing adventures had, being a walking conundrum. I played football and basketball with a t-shirt, sweats and baby doll shoes on. If I had jewelry on, it went in my pocket and was lost by the end of recess.

So much fun, with so much heartache at the loss of family heirlooms saved by mom, for me. Years of memories of losing wallets, jewelry, and other random valuables from being a wildflower of the 80s.

Looking back, my fashion sense was in line with the era - really wacky. However, something stuck.

It was a temporary fix to my heartache - the bulbous nylon neon fanny pack. Yes, I wore those. And yes, I still think they're convenient unsightly eye sores. Take your own counsel. I digress.

By the late 80s, maximalism and Pauly Shore in MTV's Spring Break - donning the banana belt bag - saved me from the constant stroke of loss and despair from losing family heirlooms. Slowly and surely, other items became "en vogue" and the vintage fanny pack became deemed unfashionable. Withal, the loss of keepsake gift items continued for a decade and a half.

Fast forward to the next century, early-thirties - LA-lien turned native angelino - "they" say you're supposed to have it (life) figured out. Who "they" are, I have no idea. Did I have "it" figured out? Not really.

Thankfully, time, meditation, fruitful work as an artist, and - journeying through life with the adventuremate of my dreams through the Sierra Nevada landscape - made sure I was happy, surfing the creative tidal wave of making handmade gifts for family and friends.

Pelt And Post Chapstick Holder in Black Leather next to a red tulip flower
Roux Leather Chapstick Holder

This road eventually led to Pelt & Post handmade leather bags and personalized gifts. Full circle, back to being saved by fanny packs - with a refined leather bag - twist.

Pelt And Post Fanny Pack on a womans waist
Montmartre Contour Leather Fanny Packs For Women

Do I still lose valuables after having a round of fun? At times, yes. The full grain, soft, raw leather I use to make our leather handbags is so light-weight I forget I'm wearing it.

Calm - after the senior moment - arrives when I've found my marbles in my convertible leather bag - that I happened to be wearing. Oops.

Saved by the fanny bag.

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