Refilling the Roux engraved Chapstick holder keychain

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Gently hold main tube of the Chapstick holder with index finger and thumb. Slide lip balm base into main tube of chapstick holder until it stops at bottom riveted strap. Insert finger or blunt lead pencil - without lead sticking out - into bottom end of Chapstick holder, lifting rivet strap over lip balm. Slide lip balm all the way into Chapstick holder. Slide lid over lip balm cap. Attach to key ring or carabiner.

Please note: Pelt And Post Chapstick holders are made for ChapStick Brand Original lip balms. Refilling this holder with a different brand will cause irreversible stretching. By doing this, you do so at your own risk.

If you must have Burt's Bees in our Pelt and Post Roux Leather Chapstick Holder Keychain, please watch this video on refilling the Roux.

Enjoy inspiring your days with functional style efficiency.

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