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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello, I'm Cristina, the founder of Pelt And Post | Signature Leather Bags & Personalized Gifts in Los Angeles, California, USA.

I created this small business (then titled CEA Custom Designs) in the winter of 2015, as a hobby. With the desire to make meaningful gifts for friends and family, I ventured onto Etsy to share this joy with others.

Gabriel - my journey-mate, my muse, my everything, has been with me through it all. He even helped me rename the company. It is Pelt And Post because I, Pelt, make leather items, and he, Post, makes wood items.

Behind the scenes, jokingly, we sometimes call his department "tech support." However, embedded in it all, is he, I, and what we've built together. This ever blossoming business baby - Pelt And Post - couldn't have existed without him.

Right down to the very core, in the beginning, the birthing of one of my original designs, the Roux, was created with him as my inspirational muse. I mean every word I express when I share that he is my journey-mate, my muse, my everything, and more.

He had, as we all do, the issue with losing his lip balm on a regular basis. I wanted to give him the gift of ease, with a personal touch. So, I spent the week brainstorming, researching, laboring, and days later, it was complete. This practical, Roux leather chapstick holder key chain came to be.

Leather Chapstick Holder Keychain For Men From Pelt And Post
Roux Chapstick Holder Keychain

Today, this memento of love still exists with him. He really won't let me upgrade it to a new one. He regards it as priceless, as it is with those that have gifted this to their loved ones, as well.

4+ years later, and with 1000+ other handmade creations, we continue to proudly share memorable joy and ease with others. In this brief time, we have had the honor of touching 20 countries worldwide, and counting.

As we move into the next decade, I humbly encourage the uniqueness of personalized gift giving through each Pelt And Post item, carefully handcrafted for your very own - one-of-a-kind - moment of joy.


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