Beyond the Bag Series - Vaugirard Hip Bag

Updated: Jun 11

Green, lovely, and fits all the essentials one could require in life. This is the Pelt And Post Vaugirard leather hip bag and the street that it is so lovingly named after - the Rue De Vaugirard.

Located on this street is the entrance to the Pasteur Metro station located near our most recent flat located in the 15th Arrondissement. Each metro station entrance is a sight to see with whimsical, cast iron and glass art nouveau designs from Hector Guimard made in 1900-1913.

Salvador Dali warmly called them "those divine entrances to the Métro, by grace of which one can descend into the region of the subconscious of the living and monarchical aesthetic of tomorrow." And they certainly are. You can't help but feel like you're in a child's dreamland for adults.

Everywhere you look in Paris, love has been splashed on even the most mundane of things. Yes, it is true. Art play is even on the little caution message illustration stickers on trains and lifts. Instead of a man, it's a bunny. The French do life so well.

This metro station was one we frequented most - to get to and fro - from our flat to anywhere we desired on any given day. Bliss.

Underground it's tiled in a beautiful simple design flanked by huge bill board adverts selling something with unique humor.

One of my favorite french metro underground adverts was a huge pink angry kitty. I can't remember what it was selling because the cat was hilariously large, towered over you like Godzilla, was pink and had grumpy face. Absurd and freakishly hilarious.

Secretly, but now not so secret, I aspire to work for an advert agency there. It must be a fabulous existence.

Paris Je t'aime.

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