Beyond the Bag Series - Montparnasse Sling

Oh, Montparnasse, how do I count the ways? The Montparnasse Sling Bag was named

after the first flat I ever stayed in, in Paris, France. I was on a celebratory, 30th birthday adventure from the US, to the UK, and Europe - recently single and loving all that freedom. I shared this flat with a secondary school, sister friend, and in-born chef extraordinaire, Tracy.

There, I discovered many wonderful sights and sounds. By day, I discovered Daelmans stroopwafels and by night, I enjoyed my first taste of the delicious delicacies of La Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Gauche. Little did I know, it was a time that I would cause me to be food ruined to everywhere else. Who knew food could taste so round?!

Charcuterie From Bon Marche
Dinner from La Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Gauche

These were the personal seeds of Paris that flourished into the blossoming of a life long love affair it is for me, today. I mean, they don't call it the city of romance or La Ville-Lumière (The Light City) for nothing. It was bliss beyond my sensory American deprived dreams.

(Thank you Trace! I am forever grateful to share that milestone with you, sister from another mister.)

View of Eiffel Tower from outside our Montparnasse Flat
View of Eiffel Tower from outside our Montparnasse Flat

Montparnasse City View
View from our Montparnasse flat balcony

Thank you, Montparnasse, for your tower across the rue, tiny grocery store downstairs, glorious view of the Eiffel and Parisian roof tops under an idyllic blend of sun rays breaking through the clouds.

So, there you have it. Encapsulated in a name and design, from a human heart and hand to yours, handcrafted with Pelt And Post love.

If you're there or ever been, I'm sure you have wonderful priceless memories. How could you not?

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