Best Fanny Packs For Women Reviewed

Updated: Jan 6

Name brand fanny packs come in all shapes and sizes. I found when I first endeavored to change the - fanny packs for women - scene years ago, most of them were in banana form, lacking in modern personality. The fanny bag was only functioning as an ugly throwback tool.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Also, this isn’t merely “in” now. It’s a tool belt, functional always. Constantly hearing this while interacting with entertainment and fashion industry peers, I often thought to myself, "I hate this bag, it's so ugly. Why can't it look nice, accentuate my life and be functional?" Fueled by a passion for efficiency, I created the first Pelt And Post leather fanny pack for woman.

Specifically designed to merge aesthetically pleasing form to high function, I regularly find visitor messages, gleeful at the discovery of Pelt And Post. However, upon browsing my handmade designer fanny pack collection, there are other times when some of these visitors are confused with “death by a thousand options” in deciding which bag style is best for their specific lifestyle.

So, with much ado, here are Pelt And Post reviews of the best fanny packs for women.

Beginning with the proven, most popular styles and the lifestyle profile of the women that own them, match your lifestyle with your own signature style women's tool belt of choice.

1. Montmartre Contour Fanny Pack

Lifestyle Profile: The "life of the party" social butterfly in LBD (little black dress), the trendsetter glamour gal "influencer", the music festival vixen, the bride, and the alluring biker chick.

Functionality: Our signature triple pivot ring - belt loop waist bags - function to accentuate your form while keeping you in the social “know” with the easy access, front phone pocket. Large enough to fit any phone, credit cards, cash and essentials - stay connected, feel great and look great with the rest of your essentials zipped in tight.

2. Orsay 6 in 1 Ultimate Convertible Belt Bag

Lifestyle Profile: The accomplished, the triple threat housewife, hip mom, boss lady; the triple threat house husband, cool dad, entrepreneur; the renaissance "Jack and Jill of all trades" getting it done with finesse, the globetrotting, adventurous traveler.

Functionality: A day in a busy life consists of switching multiple gears, multiple times a day. This agile modern tool belt is built assist you through it.

  • Hip Bag - At the hip, keep your doggie bag clipped on the belt, phone in hand and dog leash in the other.

  • Sling Bag - Casual and out of the way, prep the kids for drop off at the sitter's house.

  • High Crossbody Satchel - Commute to work with valuables secured in view at all times.

  • Shoulder Bag - Throw it over your shoulder and quickly head out for your lunch break.

  • Wristlet Pocketbook - Leave work and pick up the kids with face mask and sanitizer in hand and ready.

  • Clutch - Detach the belt and transition to upscale using our signature hideaway, clutch side snaps to match fine dining evening wear with family and friends.

3. Etrangeres Leather Fanny Pack

Lifestyle Profile: The easy-going, straightforward, go with the flow of life - minimalist; the less is more perfectionists; the understated, professional beau and beauty.

Functionality: Take a calming stroll to the park, slink through shoppers at the grocery store, conceal carry this phone wallet under a sweater, button down or sport coat, or detach the belt and use it as a phone wallet pocketbook. Much like your calm disposition of life, it is whatever you make of it.

Whatever the style, wherever you go, go with all your heart and the best fanny pack, handmade exclusively for you at Pelt And Post.

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