A journey of a thousand miles, starts beneath one's feet. - Laozi.

A few hours ago, we celebrated 1500 Pelt And Post sales, of 1500 items handmade, in 150 original leather bag and personalized gift designs, shipped to 21 countries worldwide, on 4 platforms, in 5 fruitful years.

The first week of Pelt And Post, December 2015.

It started with Christmas fun and continues on today as miraculous, full-time, freedom of choice.

Pelt And Post Today

Through this arduous, yet momentous journey, thanksgiving came early for us. I, thank you from the bottom of the depths of my heart and my little energetic hands.

To all of you that inspire me to grow through your wonderful unique spirits, in sharing your wants, needs and delights, you've allowed us to engineer ease and spread joy. I couldn't do it without you. Infinite thanks for making this handmade dream come true.

Cheers to the next 1K and a healthy 2021.

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