Established in 2015, in Los Angeles, California, our mission at Pelt & Post is spreading efficiency, economy, and an enjoyable way of life through our signature - posture-centering - convertible leather bags, fanny packs and personalized gifts. Pelt & Post materialized out of the joy of handmade gift giving combined with minimal luggage travel adventures around the world.

From sabbaticals to birthdays, and even our honeymoon - Paris, France has been one of our many "home away from home" cities for the past several years. Each item is dedicated to a special place, street name, and arrondissement of Paris, France that we hold near and dear to us, bringing us closer to it in heart and hand.




The Duo

  • Cristina

    Owner, Principal Artisan, Wife

    Cristina crafts simple, elegant pieces of functional artwork with an artist's eye and hands honed during her years as a MOCA LA artist, Crate & Barrel design trainee, and Whole Foods graphic artist. An ardent nature lover, her items are made with new and eco-friendly, reclaimed leather.

  • Gabriel

         Tech Support, Legal, Naturalist, Husband

With in-born Norwegian - skilled engineering - Gabriel handcrafted the Pelt & Post, 100%  reclaimed wood, craft station. While aiding in DIY creativity, he is an invaluable scholarly sounding board built from a background as a novelist, carpenter, and attorney.